Dana White - Producer/Co-Host 

Being very athletic and active while growing up, hunting and fishing were always a part of my life.  Right from the time I could walk, I found myself stumbling behind my Dad and ending his hunt short because my feet were too cold.  This introduction to the outdoors fuelled a passion within me that was going to become obsessive after I harvested my first buck with a bow at age 14.  Since that day, my life revolved around bowhunting.  Mixed with my passion for videography, I hope to share some of the breathtaking experiences and sheer beauty that can only be found within the great outdoors.

Cory White - Executive Producer/Co-Host


Since I was young, i've always loved the outdoors.  After taking my first buck at 14, I quickly grew a passion for hunting.  After many successful seasons, I soon found another passion growing inside of me.  After accompanying my brother with our newly aquired camera for the first time, videography became my priority as I filmed most of what is now our first season of Fatal Impact Outdoors.  Always working to improve my skills both behind the camera, and while in the field hunting, I hope to share this growth with the viewers as I strive to capture only the best quality footage for the show.

Darcy Lynn Kwiatkowski - Marketing Executive/Co-Host


Growing up on a farm with a family that loves the outdoors, introduced me to some of the excitement and beauty that nature has to offer; but that was only the beginning.  After harvesting my first whitetail buck and first black bear at the age of fifteen, I was hooked.  There is a passion that has grown inside of me that provides me with the determination and dedication to want to experience God's creations, and i wish this upon all ages.  Many encounters bring a smile to my face, whether it is the silly squirrels and the other young animals as they play, or the big game animals going about their everyday routines.  All of these miracles definitely outweigh the things like hiking up the biggest hills, crawling through muddy fields filled with thorns, and freezing my fingers and toes.  I love what i do, and i am very anxious to see all that is awaiting me!



Jeffrey Solberg - Co-Host


At 12 years old I found my dad’s old Pentax K1000 tucked away in a closet. I dug it out, put in a roll of Kodak 800 ISO film, and I’ve been in love with photography ever since. I took classes, read books, and burned through roll after roll of film trying to learn all I could about mastering the art. Later I would start my own wedding photography business, and eventually I would have the pleasure of introducing my wife to the delight of photography. We are now lucky enough to be able to photograph weddings as a couple.

        My pursuit and passion for photography was only surpassed by my love for the outdoors, in particular bow hunting and fly fishing. It only made sense to merge my interests together and share my love of creation through the art of photography.  I love to take my equipment into remote areas and capture beauty that few others get the privilege of witnessing. Now as a member of the Fatal Impact team I have the opportunity of taking that one step further by sharing video footage of my adventures. I’m excited to get this chance to share the joy of the pursuit, the splendor of creation, and the moment of Fatal Impact. 

Missy Solberg - Brand Development/Co-Host


I started bow hunting when I met my husband Jeffrey.  Initially I just thought it would be a great way to spend more time together as a couple, but I soon discovered a growing love for the sport. Bow hunting has now become so much more to me than just a pass-time, it is now part of almost everything we do. From shed hunting in the spring, to friendly competitions at the range during the summer, to filming deer during scouting season, bow hunting has given us another avenue to discover together, and we love the opportunity to spend that time in creation.  In an effort to become as efficient as possible in the field, I’ve taken up running and obstacle course racing. Now bow hunting isn’t just something I tag along to, it’s a passion that I can share with my husband every day of the year. My goal through this TV program would be to influence other wives to pick up a bow and give hunting a try. You just might fall in love all over again.